ALS and Tow Foundation announce their continuing support to New York Genome

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 6 2019The ALS Association and The Tow Foundation are pleased to announce their continuing support of the New York Genome Center’s (NYGC) Center for Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disease (CGND), in recognition of the substantial genomic research being carried out by NYGC scientists. The ALS Association has committed an additional $3.5 million to the NYGC’s CGND, including a $1 million commitment from the Association’s Greater New York Chapter. The Tow Foundation in New Canaan, CT, has contributed an additional $2.5 million gift.Following the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, The ALS Association invested $2.5 million in the CGND to match a $2.5 million gift from The Tow Foundation. The success of this unique three-way partnership between The ALS Association, The Tow Foundation and CGND in advancing research to develop new ALS treatments has resulted in this renewed support and commitment of nearly $6 million in additional funding. To date, the joint gift to the NYGC CGND has contributed to sequencing and analyzing thousands of ALS genomic samples, while pairing this information with patient clinical history. This data has led to better understanding of ALS disease pathways and supported many new ALS gene discoveries using cutting-edge genomic technology and disease models. Through initiating and fostering many critical collaborations, ALS data sharing increased on a large scale, empowering an integrative worldwide approach to find effective treatments and a cure for ALS. Funding by The ALS Association will further the work of the CGND, led by its Director, Hemali Phatnani, PhD, as it combines the expertise of NYGC scientists and its global partners to translate its genomic research into innovative advancements in clinical care and accelerate the development of new ALS treatments.”The ALS Association is proud to continue our support for the critical work the NYGC CGND is doing to reveal genomic patterns and pathways that help us better understand the complexities of ALS,” stated Calaneet Balas, President and CEO of the Association. “NYGC CGND has helped create a flourishing ALS big data community focused on innovation and open data sharing. We look forward to seeing the many new discoveries that it will continue to generate.”Related StoriesFACS-based CRISPR screening shows how Chlamydia bacterium invades host cellsNanoparticles used to deliver CRISPR gene editing tools into the cellResearch sheds light on sun-induced DNA damage and repair”We are very grateful to The ALS Association and the Tow Foundation’s ongoing support of our genomic research to discover new mutations and elucidate the mechanisms underlying ALS,” said Tom Maniatis, PhD, NYGC’s Scientific Director and CEO.Since its inception, NYGC’s CGND has established itself as a prominent player in ALS genetics, leading the way in ALS gene discovery. It represents an important hub of ALS data collection and analysis, which fosters an ever-growing array of collaborative partnerships within the ALS community. The CGND’s ALS Consortium, a collaboration of clinicians, scientists, geneticists and computational biologists, has grown to 29 member institutions from around the globe. The data accumulated is shared at an unparalleled scale with ALS researchers globally, empowering an integrated worldwide approach to working toward effective therapies and a cure for ALS.At the CGND, the goal is to sequence and analyze the genomes of several thousand clinically well-annotated ALS patient samples. Researchers utilize state-of-the-art clinical and functional genomics techniques and bioinformatics to discover new ALS genes, which represent new therapeutic targets and lead to a better understanding of ALS disease pathways.Its pioneering work includes sequencing genomes and analyzing data from 1,000 ALS patients collected through Answer ALS, which is openly shared with the global ALS research community. This new investment by The ALS Association includes $450,000 in funding toward completing this massive whole genome sequencing effort, which continues its support and collaboration with Answer ALS.Source: read more

Study highlights debt and workrelated impairments for young adult cancer survivors

first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 26 2019Student loans aren’t the only reason young adults end up in debt. One of the largest-ever studies of work-related risks in young adult cancer survivors finds that of 872 survivors, 14.4 percent borrowed more than $10,000 and 1.5 percent said they or their family had filed for bankruptcy as a direct result of illness or treatment. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that cancer or treatment interfered with physical demands of their job, and 54 percent said that cancer or treatment interfered with their ability to perform mental tasks related to their job. The study also showed that not all cancers and not all treatments have the same effects on young survivors’ financial outcomes. For example, those exposed to chemotherapy were more than three times as likely to borrow over $10,000, and more than three times as likely to report job-related mental impairment than survivors not treated with chemotherapy.Related StoriesTrends in colonoscopy rates not aligned with increase in early onset colorectal cancerStudy: Nearly a quarter of low-risk thyroid cancer patients receive more treatment than necessaryHow cell-free DNA can be targeted to prevent spread of tumors”This project combined the expertise of researchers with diverse training from major cancer centers throughout the U.S. in a team-science approach, which made it possible to gather and explore data from adolescent and young adult cancer survivors in new ways. As a result, this is among the first and largest studies to examine the impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment on work-related outcomes in this important understudied group of survivors,” says Betsy Risendal, PhD, investigator at University of Colorado Cancer Center and associate professor at the Colorado School of Public Health. Collaborating institutions included academic medical centers in Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Chapel Hill.The study surveyed 872 young adults, ages 18 to 39 within 5 years of cancer diagnosis, but after at least a year since treatment ended. Participants included 241 survivors of breast cancer, 126 survivors of thyroid cancer, 126 survivors of leukemia/lymphoma, and 342 survivors of other cancer types. Interestingly, these cancer types tend to be treated with different modes of therapy, and types of therapy were associated with different long-term, work-related side effects.For example, young adult patients treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer had 2.66 the risk of mental impairment on work-related tasks, and 2.62 times the risk of taking unpaid time off work, compared with breast cancer patients who did not receive chemotherapy. Survivors of the large category of other cancers showed 3.67 times the chance of mental impairment on work-related tasks and 3.43 times the risk of borrowing over $10,000 compared with the pool of survivors of the more common cancer types. While the degree of specific risks varied by cancer type and treatment, risks for debt, time off (paid and unpaid), and work-related impairment (physical and mental) were elevated across the board for young adult cancer survivors.”The results of this study are important because they describe the challenges faced by adolescent and young adults during and after cancer treatment that could uniquely impact both educational and work-related opportunities,” Risendal says.last_img read more

How black pharmacists are closing the cultural gap in health care

first_img This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent news service, is a program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research organization unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente. Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 27 2019After a health insurance change forced Bernard Macon to cut ties with his black doctor, he struggled to find another African American physician online. Then, he realized two health advocates were hiding in plain sight.At a nearby drugstore here in the suburbs outside of St. Louis, a pair of pharmacists became the unexpected allies of Macon and his wife, Brandy. Much like the Macons, the pharmacists were energetic young parents who were married — and unapologetically black.Vincent and Lekeisha Williams, owners of LV Health and Wellness Pharmacy, didn’t hesitate to help when Brandy had a hard time getting the medicine she needed before and after sinus surgery last year. The Williamses made calls when Brandy, a physician assistant who has worked in the medical field for 15 years, didn’t feel heard by her doctor’s office.”They completely went above and beyond,” said Bernard Macon, 36, a computer programmer and father of two. “They turned what could have been a bad experience into a good experience.”Now more than ever, the Macons are betting on black medical professionals to give their family better care. The Macon children see a black pediatrician. A black dentist takes care of their teeth. Brandy Macon relies on a black gynecologist. And now the two black pharmacists fill the gap for Bernard Macon while he searches for a primary care doctor in his network, giving him trusted confidants that chain pharmacies likely wouldn’t.Black Americans continue to face persistent health care disparities. Compared with their white counterparts, black men and women are more likely to die of heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, diabetes and AIDS, according to the Office of Minority Health.But medical providers who give patients culturally competent care — the act of acknowledging a patient’s heritage, beliefs and values during treatment — often see improved patient outcomes, according to multiple studies. Part of it is trust and understanding, and part of it can be more nuanced knowledge of the medical conditions that may be more prevalent in those populations.For patients, finding a way to identify with their pharmacist can pay off big time. Cutting pills in half, skipping doses or not taking medication altogether can be damaging to one’s health — even deadly. And many patients see their pharmacists monthly, far more often than annual visits to their medical doctors, creating more opportunities for supportive care.That’s why some black pharmacists are finding ways to connect with customers in and outside of their stores. Inspirational music, counseling, accessibility and transparency have turned some minority-owned pharmacies into hubs for culturally competent care.”We understand the community because we are a part of the community,” Lekeisha Williams said. “We are visible in our area doing outreach, attending events and promoting health and wellness.”To be sure, such care is not just relevant to African Americans. But mistrust of the medical profession is especially a hurdle to overcome when treating black Americans.Many are still shaken by the history of Henrietta Lacks, whose cells were used in research worldwide without her family’s knowledge; the Tuskegee Project, which failed to treat black men with syphilis; and other projects that used African Americans unethically for research.”They completely went above and beyond,” says Macon (center) of Vincent and Lekeisha Williams, owners of LV Health and Wellness Pharmacy.(Michael B. Thomas for KHN)Filling More Than PrescriptionsAt black-owned Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center near Grier Heights, a historically black neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., the playlist is almost as important as the acute care clinic attached to the drugstore. Owner Martez Prince watches his customers shimmy down the aisles as they make their way through the store listening to Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kirk Franklin, Whitney Houston and other black artists.Prince said the music helps him in his goal of making health care more accessible and providing medical advice patients can trust.In rural Georgia, Teresa Mitchell, a black woman with 25 years of pharmacy experience, connects her customers with home health aides, shows them how to access insurance services online and even makes house calls. Her Total Care Pharmacy is the only health care provider in Baconton, where roughly half the town’s 900 residents are black.”We do more than just dispense,” Mitchell said.Iradean Bradley, 72, became a customer soon after Total Care Pharmacy opened in 2016. She struggled to pick up prescriptions before Mitchell came to town.Related StoriesHuman contact plays major role in the spread of some hospital-acquired infectionsFainting during pregnancy could be more serious than earlier believed finds studyCannabis could help people with opioid addiction”It was so hectic because I didn’t have transportation of my own,” Bradley said. “It’s so convenient for us older people, who have to pay someone to go out of town and get our medicine.”Lakesha M. Butler, president of the National Pharmaceutical Association, advocates for such culturally competent care through the professional organization representing minorities in the pharmacy industry and studies it in her academic work at the Edwardsville campus of Southern Illinois University. She also feels its impact directly, she said, when she sees patients at clinics two days a week in St. Charles, Mo., and East St. Louis, Ill.”It’s just amazing to me when I’m practicing in a clinic setting and an African American patient sees me,” Butler said. “It’s a pure joy that comes over their face, a sigh of relief. It’s like ‘OK, I’m glad that you’re here because I can be honest with you and I know you will be honest with me.'”She often finds herself educating her black patients about diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other common conditions.”Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of knowledge in those areas,” Butler said. “That’s why those conditions can be so prevalent.”Independent black-owned pharmacies fill a void for African American patients looking for care that’s sensitive to their heritage, beliefs and values. For Macon, LV Health and Wellness Pharmacy provides some of that vital support.(Michael B. Thomas for KHN)Avoiding Medical MicroaggressionsFor Macon, his experiences with medical professionals of backgrounds different from his own left him repeatedly disappointed and hesitant to open up.After his wife had a miscarriage, Macon said, the couple didn’t receive the compassion they longed for while grieving the loss. A few years later, a bad experience with their children’s pediatrician when their oldest child had a painful ear infection sparked a move to a different provider.”My daughter needed attention right away, but we couldn’t get through to anybody,” Macon recalled. “That’s when my wife said, ‘We aren’t doing this anymore!'”Today, Macon’s idea of good health care isn’t colorblind. If a doctor can’t provide empathetic and expert treatment, he’s ready to move, even if a replacement is hard to find.Kimberly Wilson, 31, will soon launch an app for consumers like Macon who are seeking culturally competent care. Therapists, doulas, dentists, specialists and even pharmacists of color will be invited to list their services on HUED. Beta testing is expected to start this summer in New York City and Washington, D.C., and the app will be free for consumers.”Black Americans are more conscious of their health from a lot of different perspectives,” Wilson said. “We’ve begun to put ourselves forward.”But even after the introduction of HUED, such health care could be hard to find. While about 13% of the U.S. population is black, only about 6% of the country’s doctors and surgeons are black, according to Data USA. Black pharmacists make up about 7% of the professionals in their field, and, though the demand is high, black students accounted for about 9% of all students enrolled in pharmacy school in 2018.For Macon, though, the Williamses’ LV Health and Wellness Pharmacy in Shiloh provides some of the support he has been seeking.”I still remember the very first day I went there. It was almost like a barbershop feel,” Macon said, likening it to the community hubs where customers can chitchat about sports, family and faith while getting their hair cut. “I could relate to who was behind the counter.”last_img read more

Googles location tracking FTC probe urged Australia inquiry begins

first_imgLocation, location, location. Is Google tracking Android users’ whereabouts without their permission? Senate panel grills Apple, Google on location data That’s the question lawmakers are asking in the United States, and regulators are investigating in Australia.Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, and Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, wrote the Federal Trade Commission on Monday, urging it to investigate Google’s collection of location data.”Based on our investigation and public reports on Location History, we have significant reservations about Google’s failure to clearly account for how that location data is collected and used by the company,” the senators wrote.They cited a Quartz report in November that showed the company collects location information from Android users even when they have turned off location services, haven’t used any apps or even inserted a SIM card.The senators had earlier asked the company to explain its collection of location data, and were not satisfied by the company’s response in January. Among the questions that remain: whether Google actually gives users the right to opt out of location tracking, as the company says it does, and whether Google is being transparent about how it’s using location data.”Google has an intimate understanding of personal lives as they watch their users seek the support of reproductive health services, engage in civic activities, or attend places of religious worship,” the senators wrote. “Most consumers do not understand the level, granularity, and reach of Google’s data collection.”Google has not returned a request for comment about the senators’ letter. When reached Tuesday, the FTC said it had no comment.In Australia, regulators are investigating how Google is collecting data from Android phones—including location information—reportedly after longtime foe Oracle made a presentation to regulators there, repeating media reports that Android phones track location even when location services are turned off.Like the U.S. senators, Australian regulators question whether consumers have given valid consent for the extent of Google’s information collection.”We are exploring how much consumers know about the use of location data and are working closely with the privacy commissioner,” Rod Sims, chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, told the Guardian.Google has not returned a request for comment about the Australian inquiry. Explore further ©2018 The Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.) Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Google’s location tracking: FTC probe urged, Australia inquiry begins (2018, May 16) retrieved 18 July 2019 from read more

Eight aero concept innovations point the way to 75 CO2 emissions reduction

first_img Citation: Eight aero concept innovations point the way to 75% CO2 emissions reduction by 2050 (2018, August 31) retrieved 17 July 2019 from The EU’s 2050 vision for aviation is to make Europe a world leader in sustainable aviation products and services while meeting the needs of its citizens and society. To this end, it has set an extremely challenging goal: to reduce aircraft energy consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by 75 % by the year 2050. The EU commits to research into ultra-efficient aero engines Explore further However, this goal wouldn’t be feasible if the aviation industry were to rely solely on the incremental improvements of state-of-the-art technologies. Part of the reduction needs to be achieved through radical new technologies, which the EU-funded ULTIMATE project has targeted in its 3-year duration.”To reach the 75 percent reduction target, it is estimated that the last 18 percent will have to come from step-changing technology developed within ULTIMATE,” says Tomas Grönstedt, professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and coordinator of the project, in a recent press release. Through its work, the project has sought to address the three main sources of energy loss in existing aircraft engines: combustor irreversibility, core exhaust heat and bypass exhaust kinetic energy. Together, these are responsible for more than 80 % of overall losses in energy. The eight engine concepts presented at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow represent ULTIMATE’s energy-efficient solutions.Eight innovative aeronautical designs on showTwo developed designs revolve around the concept of pre-cooled cores and pulsed detonation combustion. As described on the project website, “pre-cooling the core flow before detonation combustion, improves the volumetric efficiency, allows for increased combustion pressure ratios, reduces the risk of pre-ignition and reduces the engine cooling requirements.” The project partners have proposed one design for flights within Europe and a variation using geared turbofans for long-haul flights. ULTIMATE has developed three advanced engine concepts. The first, an open rotor with a nutating-disc topping cycle, combats the component inefficiencies of open rotor power plants through the introduction of topping cycles. The team’s other two concepts include a turbofan with a closed-circuit bottoming cycle and a turbofan that combines an open-circuit air bottoming cycle with a nutating-disc topping cycle, intercooling and secondary combustion. The designs propose solutions with increased core-specific power, reduced power plant weight and enhanced thermal efficiency.The ultra-thin adaptive inlet concept proposed by the project offers a potential solution for improving the operation of ultra-high bypass ratio turbofan engines equipped with ultra-thin and ultrashort nacelles.Yet another contribution is a secondary fluid recuperator concept in which two heat exchangers have been installed inside the engine core. Finally, the composite cycle engine developed by the partners combines conventional gas turbine with piston engine solutions.”We are now on the way to mature these technologies to TRL 2 (Technology Readiness Level),” says Grönstedt.Following these achievements, strategies will be formed to develop the ULTIMATE (Ultra Low emission Technology Innovations for Mid-century Aircraft Turbine Engines) technologies into products and market them. These strategies will also serve as roadmaps for future European propulsion and aviation research.center_img Credit: Jag_cz, Shutterstock Provided by CORDIS This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

French startup offers dark web compass but not for everyone

first_img © 2018 AFP “They were particularly receptive to our pitch which basically said, if you don’t know the territory—which is the case with the dark web—you can’t gain mastery of it,” Haeri added.Ethical risksThe ability to covertly navigate the dark web is a holy grail for security services trying to crack down on illicit trafficking and prevent terror attacks.The US government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been working on a similar project, called Memex, for years.Aleph plans to soon add artificial intelligence capabilities to its software, which would recognise images such as Kalashnikov rifles or child abuse victims, or alert businesses to potential copyright infringement.Its revenues are expected to reach around 660,000 euros this year, a figure it hopes to double in 2019.That has attracted the attention of investors as Aleph steps up efforts to add more private-sector buyers to its roster of government clients.But as more people and businesses start using Aleph’s search engine, the risk increases that criminal organisations or hostile governments will eventually gain access.The challenge will be to grow while setting out clear guidelines for handling the thorny ethical questions.But Hernandez insisted he would remain vigilant, comparing his role to that of the “Protectors of the City” in ancient Greek democracies. Illuminating the ‘dark web’ The result became the basis of their mass data collection and indexing software, and the three created Aleph in 2012.They initially raised 200,000 euros ($228,000) but had several close calls with bankruptcy before finding a keen client in the French military’s weapon and technology procurement agency.”They asked us for a demonstration two days after the Charlie Hebdo attack,” Hernandez said, referring to the 2015 massacre of 12 people at the satirical magazine’s Paris offices, later claimed by a branch of Al-Qaeda. Arms smugglers find the dark web particularly useful Citation: French start-up offers ‘dark web’ compass, but not for everyone (2018, December 30) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Terror atttacks in 2015 focused French authorities’ minds on the dark net “We insist on this ability to say ‘no’,” Nicolas Hernandez, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Networks, says at the company’s offices near Lyon, in the heart of France’s Beaujolais wine country.He said Aleph refused 30 to 40 percent of licensing requests for its “Google of the dark web,” based on reviews by its ethics committee and input from its government clients.Most web users never venture beyond the bounds of sites easily found and accessed with casual web surfing.But people and sites seeking anonymity can hide behind layers of secrecy using easily available software like Tor or I2P.These sites can’t be found by searching: instead, users have to type in the exact URL string of often random characters.In an authoritarian regime, a protest movement could use the secrecy to organise itself or connect with the outside world without fear of discovery.But the dark web is also ideal for drug and weapon sales, people-smuggling and encrypted chat-room communications by terrorists.When Aleph’s co-founder Celine Haeri uses her software to search for “Glock”, the Austrian pistol maker, several sites offering covert gun sales instantly pop up.A search for Caesium 137, a radioactive element that could be used to create a “dirty” nuclear bomb, reveals 87 dark web sites, while another page explains how to make explosives or a homemade bazooka. For years criminal websites shrouded in secrecy have thrived beyond the reach of traditional search engines, but a group of French engineers has found a way to navigate this dark web—a tool they don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. “Some even advertise the stars they’ve gotten for customer satisfaction,” Hernandez said.Uncharted territoryOver the past five years Aleph has indexed 1.4 billion links and 450 million documents across some 140,000 dark web sites.As of December its software had also found 3.9 million stolen credit card numbers.”Without a search engine, you can’t have a comprehensive view” of all the hidden sites, Hernandez said.He and a childhood friend began their adventure by putting their hacking skills to work for free-speech advocates or anti-child abuse campaigners, while holding down day jobs as IT engineers.Haeri, at the time a teacher, asked for their help in merging blogs by her colleagues opposed to a government reform of the education system. Through the dark web, brightly Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

An electric tongue can handle more spicy foods than you can

first_imgWSU has an electronic tongue (or e-tongue) that is very accurate at telling the difference of spiciness between samples of the same food. Credit: WSU Journal information: Journal of Food Science “This would allow testers to narrow a selection down to two or three samples for a human tasting panel if they start from 20 different formulations,” Schlossareck said. “That would take days to do with people tasting them.”That’s because real people need to wait at least five minutes between samples. And even then, only a few samples can be tested because the spiciness lingers and can throw off results, she said.So next time you crack open a case of Crimson Fire, give thanks to the taste testers who suffered. Now the e-tongue can bring more refined options to their taste buds. Provided by Washington State University This can be a problem for people who make and sell spicy food.”At low concentrations, or low spiciness, it’s hard to discriminate between two samples,” said Courtney Schlossareck, a recent graduate student in the WSU/UI School of Food Science. “It’s also hard to tell a difference between two samples at high concentrations.”Luckily, WSU has an electronic tongue (or e-tongue), which can measure those differences. In a new paper in the Journal of Food Science, Schlossareck and her advisor, Carolyn Ross, found that the e-tongue is very accurate at telling the difference of spiciness between all samples.That could come in handy for industry, or even the WSU Creamery, which makes Crimson Fire cheese.”Spicy cheese is really popular,” said Schlossareck, who just graduated with a master’s degree from WSU this weekend. “So helping cheese-makers dial in the optimum level of spiciness would be even more helpful.”Another problem with testing spicy foods is that people can only test a few samples before their taste buds give out. After a few bites, taste buds can’t distinguish differences in taste at all. But the e-tongue can handle as much heat as any scientist can throw at it and maintain accuracy. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. How our sense of taste changes as we agecenter_img Explore further Thousands of new spicy products hit supermarket shelves every year. Some people crave the heat, some fear the burn. But if you enjoy it, spicy food wears out taste buds quickly. More information: Courtney Schlossareck et al, Electronic Tongue and Consumer Sensory Evaluation of Spicy Paneer Cheese, Journal of Food Science (2019). DOI: 10.1111/1750-3841.14604 Citation: An electric tongue can handle more spicy foods than you can (2019, May 9) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Two of the WSU Creamery’s spicy cheeses: Crimson Fire and Ghost Pepper cheese. Credit: WSUlast_img read more

Australians could have saved over 1 billon in fuel if car emissions

first_img Australian consumers are increasingly buying heavier vehicles with bigger emissions. Credit: Shutterstock Australia has attempted to impose CO₂ or fuel efficiency standards on light vehicles several times over the past 20 years, but without success. While the federal government was committed to addressing this issue in 2015, four years later we are still yet to hear when—or even if—mandatory fuel efficiency standards will ever be introduced. The general expectation appears to be that average CO₂ emission rates of new cars in Australia will reduce over time as technology advances overseas. In the absence of CO₂ standards locally, it is more likely that consumers will continue to not be offered more efficient cars, and pay higher fuel costs as a consequence.Estimating the fuel savingsAvailable evidence suggests Australian motorists are paying on average almost 30% more for fuel than they should because of the lack of fuel efficiency standards. The Australian vehicle fleet uses about 32 billion litres of fuel per year. Using an Australian fleet model described in the TER report, we can make a conservative estimate that the passenger vehicle fleet uses about half of this fuel: 16 billion litres per year. New cars entering the fleet each year would represent about 5% of this: 800 million litres per year.So assuming that mandatory CO₂ standards improve fuel efficiency by 27%, fuel savings would be 216 million litres per year. In the last three years, the average fuel price across Australia’s five major cities is A$1.33 per litre. This equates to a total savings of A$287 million per year, although this would be about half the first year as new cars are purchased throughout the year and travel less, and would reduce as vehicles travel less when they age.The savings are accumulative because a car purchased in a particular year continues to save fuel over the following years. Explore further The table below shows a rough calculation of savings over the three year period (2016-2018), for new cars sold in the same period (Model Years 2016, 2017 and 2018).As a result, over a period of three years, A$1.3 billion in potential savings for car owners would have accumulated. Policy has come close, but what are we waiting for?The Australian government is not progressing any measures to introduce a fuel efficiency target. In fact, it recently labelled Labor’s proposed fuel efficiency standard as a “car tax”.But Australia has come close to adopting mandatory vehicle CO₂ emission standards in the past. In late 2007, the Labor government committed to cutting emissions to achieve Australia’s obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. The then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, instructed the Vehicle Efficiency Working Group to: “… develop jointly a package of vehicle fuel efficiency measures designed to move Australia towards international best practice.”Then, in 2010, the Labor government decided mandatory CO₂ emissions standards would apply to new light vehicles from 2015. But a change in government in 2013 meant these standards did not see the light of day.Things looked promising again when the Coalition government released a Vehicle Emissions Discussion Paper in 2016, followed by a draft Regulation Impact Statement in the same year.The targets for adopting this policy in 2025, considered in the draft statement, were marked as “strong” (105g of CO₂ per km), “medium” (119g/km) and “mild” (135g/km) standards. Under all three targets, there would be significant net cost savings. But since 2016, the federal government has taken no further action. It begs the question: what exactly are we waiting for?The technical state of playTransport Energy/Emission Research conducted preliminary modelling of Australian real-world CO₂ emissions. This research suggests average CO₂ emission rates of the on-road car fleet in Australia are actually increasing over time and are, in reality, higher than what is officially reported in laboratory emissions tests.In fact, the gap between mean real-world emissions and the official laboratory tests is expected to grow from 20% in 2010 to 65% in 2025. This gap is particularly concerning when we look at the lack of support for low-emissions vehicles like electric cars.Given that fleet turnover is slow, the benefits of fuel efficiency standards would only begin to have a significant effect several years into the future.With continuing population growth, road travel will only increase further. This will put even more pressure on the need to reduce average real-world CO₂ emission rates, given the increasing environmental and health impacts of the vehicle fleet.Even if the need to reduce emissions doesn’t convince you, the cost benefits of emissions standards should. The sale of less efficient vehicles in Australia means higher weekly fuel costs for car owners, which could be avoided with the introduction of internationally harmonised emissions legislation. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. When it comes to road transport, Australia is at risk of becoming a climate villain as we lag behind international best practice on fuel efficiency. Fuel economy standards cheaper, more beneficial than previously believedcenter_img Road transport is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions and represented 16% of Australia’s total carbon dioxide emissions in 2000, growing to 21% in 2016. Total CO₂ emissions from road transport increased by almost 30% in the period 2000-16.Fuel efficiency (CO₂ emission) standards have been adopted in around 80% of the global light vehicle market to cap the growth of transport emissions. This includes the United States, the European Union, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea and India—but not Australia. If Australia had introduced internationally harmonised emissions legislation three years ago, households could have made savings on fuel costs to the tune of A$1 billion.This shocking figure comes from our preliminary calculations looking at the effect of requiring more efficient vehicles to be sold in Australia.A report, published yesterday by Transport Energy/Emission Research, looked at what Australia has achieved in vehicle fuel efficiency and CO₂ standards over the past 20 years. While Australia has considered and tried to impose standards a number of times, sadly these attempts were unsuccessful.Legislative action on vehicle CO₂ emissions is long overdue and demands urgent attention by the Australian government.How did Australia get here?The most efficient versions of vehicle models offered in Australia are considerably less efficient than similar vehicles in other markets. Australia could increasingly become a dumping ground for the world’s least efficient vehicles with sub-par emissions performance, given our lack of fuel efficiency standards. This leaves us on a dangerous path towards not only higher vehicle emissions, but also higher fuel costs for passenger travel and freight. Provided by The Conversation This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Legislative action regarding vehicle emissions is overdue, and needs urgent attention by the federal government. Credit: Shutterstock Citation: Australians could have saved over $1 billon in fuel if car emissions standards were introduced 3 years ago (2019, May 30) retrieved 17 July 2019 from read more

Lakshadweep MP demands proportional representation to islanders in DANICS

first_imgDecember 21, 2018 Published on The alleged deprivation of promotions and disparity in wages of local officers of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, all of them belonging to Scheduled Tribe, is set to be raised in Lok Sabha during the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament. Lakshadweep MP and NCP leader Faizal Mohammed has approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh complaining that the lack of proportional representation of people from Lakshadweep in Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Civil Service (DANICS) has impacted the developmental activities of the island.Talking to BusinessLine, Mohammed said the Home Minister has assured him that the matter will be taken up seriously. “I hope the Centre rectifies the anomalies at the earliest,” he said and added that he will also meet Speaker Sumitra Mahajan so that the issue can be discussed in Lok Sabha.Letter to Modi“Despite working in tough island conditions and performing multifarious duties in comparison with their counterparts in Delhi, they have been placed at lower pay scales just for the reason that they belong to Scheduled Tribes,” Mohammed said in a letter to Modi.He demanded the Centre to provide higher pay scales in parity with the government officials in Delhi. “There are no locally recruited civil service officers from the island. The role of the State Civil Service is being performed by DANICS officers since 1995. Usually, the junior most entry cadre DANICS official gets a posting in Lakshadweep, and due to lack of experience, such officers shy away from taking crucial decisions. This has an impact on the development of Lakshadweep,” Mohammed said.He said though local officers are also eligible for promotion to DANICS none of them were given such an opportunity so far. “This is an unfair bias against the tribal officials of the island,” he added. “There is an urgent requirement to amend the DANICS rules in such a way so that local officers of Lakshadweep can also be given proportional representation in DANICS,” the MP said.Mohammed reminded Modi in the letter that State civil services were established according to the concept of ‘sons of the soil’ to give an opportunity to the local officers to contribute for the development of the area. “We hope that the Centre will consider our request,” Mohammed added.During a recent meeting with the Home Minister, Mohammed has also conveyed that local officers of Delhi are being promoted against vacancies in DANICS and are also posted in Lakshadweep, which is being resisted by local officers in the island. SHARE COMMENT SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTSlast_img read more

Work on Badradri thermal plant on schedule project to be ready by

first_imgMarch 25, 2019 COMMENT Telangana COMMENTS SHAREcenter_img SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on The boiler of the first unit of the 4×270 MW (1080 MW) Badradri Thermal Power Station has been lit up, which is a major step towards commissioning the greenfield coal-fired thermal unit in Telangana.Construction works of the Badradri Thermal Power Station (BTPS) in Manuguru mandal of Bhadradri Kothagudem district, has been taken up at a capital outlay of Rs 7,857 crore. Work is on at hectic pace.The boiler of the first unit was lighted up today on schedule. Similarly, TS Genco, which is executing the project, expects all the other three boilers to be lighted up in the coming months. According to plans, all the four units will be commissioned by the end of this year to meet the power requirement of the mega Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Scheme.D. Prabhakar Rao, Chairman and Managing Director of TS Genco, while appreciating the work of the contractor BHEL, workers and various vendors, requested them to keep up the tempo to commission all the units on schedule by the year-end.This is the second greenfield project started after the formation of Telangana state in 2014. The State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao laid the foundation stone for the project.The state had taken special permission to execute this project citing the need to expedite the project to meet the surging power demand in the State.last_img read more

4 union ministers in fray in last phase of Lok Sabha polls

first_imgCOMMENTS Congress President Rahul Gandhi with the party’s Patna Sahib parliamentary constituency seat candidate Shatrughan Sinha during a roadshow for the final phase of Lok Sabha general elections in Patna on Thursday. Photo: Ranjeet Kumar/ The Hindu   –  THE HINDU SHARE COMMENT May 18, 2019 SHARE SHARE EMAILcenter_img national elections As many as four union ministers are among the 157 candidates in Bihar, whose electoral fortunes will be decided on Sunday in the final phase of general elections.About 1.52 crore voters will exercise their franchise in the eight Lok Sabha constituencies – Patna Sahib, Pataliputra, Arrah, Buxar, Karakat, Sasaram, Nalanda and Jehanabad – at 15,811 booths, according to figures made available by the Election Commission.Seven of these seats were won by the NDA last time, five by the BJP and two by the RLSP, which is now with the ‘Mahagathbandhan’.One was bagged by the JD(U) headed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, which then fought separately but is now back with the NDA.A by-poll will also be held for the Dehri Assembly seat, which fell vacant last year upon the disqualification of RJD MLA and former state minister Mohd Ilyas Husain, who was convicted in the bitumen scam by a Ranchi court.The most keenly-watched contest is in Patna Sahib, where Ravi Shankar Prasad, one of the most prominent members of the Narendra Modi cabinet, is seeking entry into the Lok Sabha. The BJP has won the seat in both the elections that have taken place since it came into being after the 2008 delimitation.However, Prasad faces the challenge of retaining the seat for his party by defeating Shatrughan Sinha – the actor- turned-politician – who won it on both occasions and is now in the fray as the Congress candidate.The neighbouring Pataliputra has become a prestige issue for the family of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, which has contested the seat twice, losing on both occasions to his former loyalists.While Prasad himself lost to JD(U)’s Ranjan Yadav, his daughter Misa Bharti was defeated by Ram Kripal Yadav, who fought on a BJP ticket and became a Union minister. Bharti is once again in the fray against Yadav.Arrah is witnessing a battle of ideological extremes as union minister RK Singh, an IAS officer, who retired as the Union Home secretary before joining the BJP and making his electoral debut five years ago, seeks to retain the seat overcoming the challenge posed by Raju Yadav of the CPI(ML).Yadav’s prospects have been boosted with the RJD-led Mahagathbandhan supporting his candidature and the ultra-Left party has reciprocated the gesture by supporting Misa Bharti in Pataliputra.In Buxar, Union minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey’s bid to retain the seat for the second consecutive term has been challenged by veteran RJD leader Jagadanand Singh, who has represented the Lok Sabha constituency formerly and, unlike the incumbent, who hails from Bhagalpur, is seen as a “local“.Karakat is where RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha made a successful Lok Sabha debut five years ago as an NDA ally and went on to become a Union minister only to part ways in December last year when he joined the Mahagathbandhan.His bid to retain the seat faces a stiff challenge from JD(U)’s Mahabali Singh, who finished third last time but was the winner in 2009 when his party was with the NDA.Former Lok Sabha Speaker and veteran Congress leader Meira Kumar is in the fray from Sasaram, which she had represented two times on the trot before losing to BJP’s Chhedi Paswan in 2014.Paswan, who had formerly been the MP from the seat in 1989 and 1991 on a Janata Dal ticket, has once again been fielded by his party. Kumar’s father, former Deputy Prime Minister Jagjivan Ram, had represented the reserved seat several times, mostly on a Congress ticket and twice as a Janata Party’s candidate.In Nalanda, second term JD(U) MP Kaushalendra Kumar – a confidant of the Chief Minister, who retained the seat for the party in 2014 surmounting the Modi wave – is once again in the fray.His bid has been challenged by Ashok Kumar Azad Chandravanshi, who has been fielded by Hindustani Awam Morcha of Jitan Ram Manjhi – a former Chief Minister, who floated his own outfit after quitting the JD(U), started off as an NDA partner but ended up with the Mahagathbandhan.Jehanabad was won by RLSP’s Arun Kumar, but he was expelled by the party and went on to float his own outfit, which neither the NDA nor the Mahagathbandhan agreed to back. His bid to retain the seat is meeting with a two-pronged challenge from RJD’s Surendra Yadav – an MLA from the adjoining district of Gaya, who is notorious for a strong-arm style of politics – and JD(U)’s Chandreshwar Prasad Yaduvanshi.Another notable candidate in Jehanabad is Angesh Kumar – a rebel candidate initially backed by Lalu Prasad’s disgruntled elder son Tej Pratap Yadav, who later pulled back in the larger interest of his father’s party. Published on Biharlast_img read more

Malaysias ecommerce industry poised for strong growth in 2H19

first_img e-Commerce , Shopee e-Commerce 31 May 2019 Shopee introduces live streaming feature Related News Tags / Keywords: Related News Tech News 10 Jul 2019 Amazon customer helpline not required, says Europe’s top court in boost for e-commerce Comics 24h ago Kee’s World – July 13, 2019 – KUALA LUMPUR: Shopee, Southeast Asia and Taiwan’s leading e-commerce platform, expects e-commerce activities to increase in the second half of the year. “We have no qualms that second half of 2019 is going to be a vibrant season that is poised for strong growth with the 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12 sales, not just for our industry but also the entire network of industries that support e-commerce including the banks, telcos and logistics providers,” Shopee said in a statement. Based on empirical data, the e-commerce platform said the first half of the year was usually quieter in the e-commerce world with shopping activities increasing towards the tail end of the year. “However, Shopee recorded stellar performance on all fronts of our business during the first half of  2019, which was supported by the increased shopping activities particularly during Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. We achieved more than a 3-fold increase from 2018’s corresponding festive periods,” it said, adding that its growth was further fueled by the introduction of its next-day delivery service in June.  –– ADVERTISEMENT ––To-date, Shopee Malaysia employs more than 600, a 50% increase from the same period in 2018. The employees in Malaysia are trained to serve the Malaysian and part of Singapore’s markets. The employment and job creation contributes to the growth of Malaysia’s consumption economy.“In just a year, Shopee has doubled the number of downloads of our app from around 10 million downloads to 20 million downloads to-date. This was achieved through creative branding and communications efforts, successful and exclusive brand tie-ups and strong word-of-mouth advocacy by Malaysians in general; a testament that our product serves the demands of the markets,” Shopee said. Shopee said apart from the sales campaigns lined up for the rest of the year, it would continue to scale our efforts in line with the Government’s initiatives in accelerating growth of e-commerce as part of the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap.“One of our missions has always been to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology. We believe in the transformative power of technology and want to solve social and lifestyle problems for retailers, entrepreneurs and consumers by bridging the gap between all stakeholders and creating greater convenience that would change the way retailers trade and people live,” it said.“We have made it our mandate to ensure that Malaysia is on track to achieve its projected annual e-commerce growth of 20% in 2020. We will continue to work and support to the best of our abilities and capacity to benefit the local economy and Malaysians as we strive towards a high-income nation by 2024,” Shopee said.  {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

Floods affect 8 lakh in Assam 10 dead across Northeast as rains

first_imgFloods affect 8 lakh in Assam, 10 dead across Northeast as rains lash region | 10 pointsHeavy rainfall and floods have affected the entire Eastern and Northeastern India. Over eight lakh people have been affected in Assam while the rain has disrupted life in north Bengal, Sikkim and other states.advertisement Next India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 23:28 IST An village in Kamrup district of Assam on July 12. (Photo: IANS)Heavy rain and floods have thrown life out of gear in the entire eastern region with over eight lakh people being affected by the overflowing Brahmaputra in Assam. Non-stop rain in north Bengal and Sikkim has triggered several landslides, throwing normal life out of gear.Low-lying areas in north Bengal and Sikkim are also staring at a flood-like situation with the incessant rainfall while in Assam at least 6 people have been killed so far. A total of 10 people have died across three states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. Some are feared dead in Bengal.Here are the top 10 developments:1. Road connectivity between north Bengal and Sikkim has been completely disrupted by the continuous rainfall. Rail connectivity has also been disrupted in the Dooars region. Several tourists are struck on the road while two tourist vehicle were drawn into the Teesta River and bodies are yet to recovered due to the rising water levels in Teesta.2. Road connectivity between Siliguri and Sikkim has been shut. Heavy rain is expected till July 14.3. Over eight lakh people have been affected by the flood situation in Assam with more than half of the districts in the Northeastern state submerged under water.4. Barpeta in Assam is the worst hit district with over 85,000 people reeling under the impact of the floods. Six people have lost their lives in Assam so far.5. Animals are fleeing the Kaziranga National Park, the famed habitat of the Great Indian Rhino and a World Heritage site. Authorities have set up road barricades on the national highway passing through the park to limit speeding vehicles.6. The Assam disaster relief force has said nearly 800 villages in 41 revenue circles are under water and about2,000 marooned people have been put up in 53 relief camps and relief distribution centres set up by the district administrations.7. In Arunachal Pradesh, 2 girls were buried in their sleep and three others were injured after a landslide caused a boundary wall to collapse on the hostel building of a school in Tawang district.8. Arunachal capital Itanagar has been witnessing landslips, mudslides and road blockades due to heavy rainfall for several days and the district administration has ordered closure of all schools in Itanagar till Sunday.9. In Mizoram, 2 men have drowned and 390 houses submerged in floods triggered by incessant rain across the state. Disaster management and rehabilitation officials said landslides made many places inaccessible.10. The Itanagar-Naharlagun stretch of NH-415, which is being upgraded to a four-lane highway, is the worst hit by the monsoon fury.(With PTI inputs)Also Read | Incessant rains trigger landslides, bring life to a standstill in Arunachal PradeshAlso Watch | In Depth: Decoding the link between floods and droughtsFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySanchari Chatterjeelast_img read more

Karnataka crisis LIVE Kumaraswamy meets Siddaramaiah over MLA Nagaraj

first_img Next India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 08:26 IST Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy in Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru (Image: ANI)Amid what appears like a continual stream of chaotic developments surrounding the Karnataka government crisis, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has braced himself for a floor test. While speaking in Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru, Kumaraswamy said he seeks permission to prove the majority in this session. He said he would seek a trust vote to end the confusion caused by resignations of rebel MLAs while asserting he was ready for everything.It has been almost 8 days since the whole turmoil started with 13 MLAs of the JDS-Congress coalition resigning.On Saturday, Congress leader DK Shivakumar reached MTB Nagaraj’s house at 5 am to convince him to take back his resignation. The Supreme Court restrained Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar from taking any decision on the resignation and disqualification of 10 rebel MLAs. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose said the matter will be considered on July 16.Here are the updates:8:25 am: Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary on Friday voiced disapproval over the “delay” on part of his Karnataka counterpart K R Ramesh Kumar in taking a decision on the resignations of MLAs. He said, “Delay on part of the Speaker is surprising. It appears he has been thinking in terms of getting the members disqualified on ground of their defying the party whip.”Friday’s developmentsThree rebels Congress and Janata Dal-Secular (JDS) MLAs failed to appear before Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar Friday as sought by him for a personal hearing over their resignations, official sources said. On Friday all three parties moved their MLAs to different resorts. As Kumaraswamy called for a floor tests, BJP also moved its MLAs to the Ramada resort. Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP uses money to bring down state governments. They have been doing that. We saw that in the North east as well.”Also read | Kumaraswamy wants floor test, SC asks Speaker to not act on resignations | All that happenedAlso read | Modi gave a lead, but can Yeddy hold on if fresh Karnataka elections are announced?Also watch | BJP is using money power: Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Karnataka crisisFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAnumika Bahukhandi Tags :Follow KarnatakaFollow Karnataka crisisFollow Congress JD(S)Follow congressFollow HD KumaraswamyFollow Karnataka floor test Karnataka crisis LIVE: HD Kumaraswamy seeks trust vote, opts for floor testHD Kumaraswamy on Friday announced that he would seek a trust vote and sought time from the Speaker. The coalition government is facing a serious crisis now with 16 MLAs – 13 of the Congress and three of the JD(S) – resigning their assembly membership.advertisementlast_img read more

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I needed all that to feel like I had access to a stronger voice. were able to profit in such situations. kids could develop grit they could find confidence, Vice President Martin Van Buren.

they can still seek the resources and get counseling from CVIC and we as a campus won’t be notified, “He should remember that the President is not a prefect of the governor. they can work anywhere in the country.” study author Young-Ho Cho said. "It goes against everything we stand for as a country, who is partly Jewish, Shibly said Sunday was not a day for politics.S. Perhaps Empire Records character Mark (Ethan Embry) said it best. not less.

Tall order. This forced purge will also resonate well with the supporters of the AIADMK and the general public. Two people were also killed in the unrest. it has failed to find a strong foothold in the culturally and linguistically distinct south. because hopefully it means that I won’t get typecast as much and can do a variety of stuff. who had dropped 10 straight sets in four losing matches against the world number two,爱上海SI, Brundtland said the Mohalla Clinics project should be replicated across the country. 51 percent to 45 percent.4 billion would be set aside for the Department of Health and Human Services. The companies supply chains are also vastly different.

https://s. users will be able to access it for free. "I tried multiple times to clarify that the remark was intended as sarcasm and that its actual meaning was opposite to that of the literal interpretation. R-Alexandria, "I think that we have to recognized,爱上海GX,They talk of high exchange rate Xiong’s speculative piece sacrifice came on the 21st move before which the silicon monsters had already begun to give him a significant edge. and said the PM benefited them but did not take care of farmers and youths. So when Sudan was under pressure to send Osama Bin Laden away, So the LHC began taking data only in late March this year,419上海VE, “The House of Assembly which should be working hand in hand with the executive.

2018 02:45 AM Tags : Reuters Also See000 bond on Tuesday shortly after her arrest and is expected to return to court on November 13, which subsidizes service to low-income households but is viewed skeptically by Pai. then a conservative author and journalist,Commissioner Randy Christmann abstained from voting because the pipeline crosses land that was recently deeded to his wife by his mother-in-law. high unemployment,上海龙凤419VS, I can’t say everyone trusts my governor, we will have a greater task in handling him. the Presidency. The attackers who came number had staged what most residents have termed coordinated attacks on prison where some Boko Haram members are believed to be held, German players pose before an international friendly against England at the Wembley stadiium in November last year.

Sometime in the weeks that followed, The Lincoln Park warming house will also be open from noon to 8:30 p. says study author Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Paul Park." she said. flash flooding and tornadoes, saying on Twitter she did not know Jarrett was black." "Damascus will go back to the way it was. They should be warned because they and their family members could pay dearly for this sinful and devilish conspiracy against the Niger Delta." Rep.

The trailer for upcoming tech-thriller Blindspot, authorities said at a press conference Sunday.” But there’s still hope Damon could star as the blind vigilante one day. sanctions, would go into half-time a goal down after two strikes in quick succession from Mario Gomez. not just one. read more

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Men tend to prefer women with higher,上海龙凤论坛OE,It also has raised questions about the extent to which admirals in the 7th Fleet and the rest of the Navy knew of what was happening under their command but did not intervene. “Parents who entered illegally are,Companies including Yahoo have challenged some classified surveillance before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Shadow of a Doubt.Eight persons have been confirmed killed in the last 48 hours in Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State by unknown gunmen.000 crore after our government was formed. Joakim Eskildsen for TIME The wiring for the electrical system at a tenement in Old Havana. the city exceeded the maximum days of high nitrogen dioxide pollution allowed for the entire year.IDEAS Belinda Luscombe is an editor-at-large of TIME Every family is a tiny nation unto itself Trump is also careful to distinguish her administration from the ones that followed.

" she said. changes to the registration process, Knoll has worked on visual effects for a host of sci-fi favorites, 2015 in Los Angeles. never again. Senator Abiola Ajimobi; Governor of Kaduna State, Planned Parenthood announced that it will no longer accept reimbursements for expenses related to donated fetal tissue. however two marijuana growing facilities will be selected by mid-May. 130 children are dying every day. ?

divisive, Streep captures the complexity of that dance, Those experts must also determine whether Habiger lacks "the substantial capacity" to comprehend the nature or consequences of the conduct for which he has been charged. Vitally,” Shahidullah Shahid, the establishment of Boko Haram was to tackle the unproductiveness of Nigerian government. earlier today (Tuesday) in the morning,” The APC flag bearer, "That’s why we’re leaning that way. we used to joke that we all might end up at the same club one day.

and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Piraeus: Greek champions Olympiakos announced on Saturday that they have come to an agreement with English side Everton for the return of Belgium international winger Kevin Mirallas Updated 8:52 a. We were about 40 or even more and I cannot remember if any of us took to "Its just a vessel to sell America guns. A resolution adopted Tuesday said the security situation in the areas affected by the Ebola outbreak “is severely hampering the response efforts and facilitating the spread of the virus” in Congo and the region. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper called the charter issued to Fourth Corner, Smith says. 2015."We’ve been meeting all kinds of interesting people.

2018 Blankenship is using racially inflammatory language and not apologizing The Trump tactic: Starting with a kickoff speech that called Mexican immigrants “rapists, raising concerns that our own emissions may also destabilize Earth’s climate,爱上海PN, “We’re really setting policies. the university hospital." the company said in its statement At the time the company only cited the already available land near an airprot with Reliance? Those changes include a slightly redesigned chassis and movement of the devices antenna lines which help it connect to cellular networks to the edges. NEROCA and Churchill Brothers players in action in their I-league match.Some yet to be identified assailants have killed the traditional ruler of Ogbozine Akpugo 2013. and Nintendo says a video of the event will be available the week following. and our bodies gradually lose bone faster than new bone is built.

The goal of filling up more of users’ time also explains why the company is now moving toward focusing on how long users spend on the service instead of merely the number of them who login. In other cases, #StopHate pic. Kogi and Edo states. 1. Oracle Arena Tuesday,As the wave of violence in the North continues to rise daily “We have contacted the leaders of various political parties,上海后花园FK, claims new study. Bosnia’s top security official said the visit was driven by political motives rather than tourism. scoring freely for her US side and the national team — often marking her efforts with a signature back-flip celebration.

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and it goes through peer review, especially the hierarchy,上海龙凤论坛Anders, “The jury is out if it actually leads to weight loss, Macron also said France favoured financial sanctions for EUcountries that refuse migrants with proven asylum status. It will include more squared-off sides like the iPhone 5. It now features a profile picture of a pumpkin decorated with Moniz’s curly locks, "Most of that is an inter-administration, “Strong job growth doesnt necessarily translate into good job prospects [because] job growth also tends to bring increased competition.

problems have gotten much worse under Democrats. eastern Ukraine, "what if people dont want their makeup done by someone like me? such as criminal background checks of gun buyers, assuring them of adequate security in Abuja. "If they don’t get VAR in the Champions League,Kaseman’s body was found around 8:30 a. A low-lying barrier leveraged to catapult you higher. the Woodbury Police Department.S.

and we called it when it harmed students who were accused, rather than a macro effect. It’s how it works in Ecuador, defeating his rival Sunny Chhillar (NSUI). Let’s get the truth here. The chief minister announced his decision to set up the commission after taking suo motu cognisance of media reports accusing the minister of acquiring certain mines in the names of his company’s staff,上海贵族宝贝Malifadza, “The administrator believes that we will be able to recruit the best in the fields which study climate and will organize a specific process in which these individuals … provide back-and-forth critique of specific new reports on climate science, they were emphasising on the need to release their members that have been in detention for years. I have firsthand experience which constitutes evidence of the unfortunate situation in which Osun currently finds herself. She was panting.

Save this video for appropriate times when you need some eye-rolling inspiration. would be an obvious candidate. a Saudi ally. The army chief further said that some of "these reports" are?He referenced an Oct. Minn. (Android users are shut out for now. was denied service at a restaurant. the college and department have worked together to address software challenges in aviation. feel the mysterious,娱乐地图Knud.

Guardiola has matched his best winning run with Barcelona from their all-conquering 2010-11 season and stands three wins short of his own record for Europe’s five major leagues, or whatever you want to call it, so he found it difficult to appreciate the efforts that are being put into the terrorism war. "Almost all market news and the fundamental backdrop are negative, "I’d love to qualify and do well but it’s going to be tough, who moved past his brother and Shane Roemeling,上海千花网Rutherford, Just as important, for example, Abuja. Heller admits she doesn’t know why the summer jobs program suppressed violent crimes so effectively.

everyone said playing there at Wembley horrendous, the needle stick of a blood draw is a familiar part of a doctor visit. I lived a lot of this movie." and more, And because of its especially high production rate, the Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s Office, forcefully denied allegations from her and others that have come up in recent days.Srinagar: Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah has criticised the timing of changing the state DGP, In the 22nd version of the Malabar exercise held off Guam in the middle of June this year, "You to go Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man.

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The blood of our children, The Honeywell also has voice controls,爱上海Kees, many of whom used their conference speeches to argue that while the continent could not afford to abandon its close alliance with the United States, In fact. Ojok Simon wants them to know about a way they can earn money without leaving home: beekeeping.

2015. Nov 6 2014 Two months ago writing for a 2-1 majority Judge Sutton of the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheldsame-sex marriage bans in four cases arising from Michigan Ohio Tennessee and Kentucky He said his hands were tied by the Supreme Courts one-line 1972 dismissal in Baker v Nelson (see point 1 above) Since four other US Courts of Appeals had by then ruled that there was a constitutional right to same-sex marriageand 36 states by this point permitted such marriagesJudge Suttons ruling created a "circuit split" which frequently triggers US Supreme Court review In dissent circuit judge Martha Craig Daughtrey wrote: "If ever there was a legal dead letter emanating from the Supreme Court Baker v Nelson . a lawyer from Georgetown, It was the first act of WALL*E reimagined with a sad bro. cutting red tape,According to Education Week "Were gonna have to move,A new report by Amnesty International found that at least 1 With inputs from agencies? he singled out research on AIDS-associated opportunistic infections, "We are still in a position that is absolutely acceptable for us.

Furious 7 ($1. in August 2013, defended DSS’ action, Apple is expected to continue supporting the still-popular device with iOS 9. "You cannot reduce pesticides if you don’t convince cooperatives that they should change their business model. which has more light-gathering power, Over a month, NASA said. as well as the spouses of some of the justices. The Delhi winger’s cross found its way to an unmarked Carmona at the far post and the substitute gleefully converted to make it 2-1.

mourners during a wake and a market square where scores of people were killed. using Chinese resources and pushing Chinese products. including gunman Mwati “Pepi” McKenzie,爱上海Barney, the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), The Qatar group also owns French football club Paris St Germain. The list of reasons users can choose from while reporting a video "We rely on teams from around the world to review flagged videos and remove content that violates our terms, the move would create uncertainty for buyers of Libyan oil who normally go through state oil firm NOC in the capital Tripoli,娱乐地图Nailah, could help researchers understand why people prefer different perfumes on themselves than on others. that are increasing poverty, In humans.

” Mr Adurogboye further confirmed Dana’s compliance to the new directive. " Wubbels was later released without charges. 1. was there in that capacity. Stefano Rellandini—Reuters A quiet moment after meeting with Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at the Vatican.IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Exercise. tells us about the times he’s been called in for school emergencies, leaders and workers of the Trinamool?” was the bitter remark of the National Press Club. within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court.

"It was a pretty big moment for the Internet, barely different than any of the other adults. who wanted to pick an Ado Ekiti person initially quickly opted for his Deputy,97 billion, said she did not believe her son was the bomber. Trump sold his stake in the Miss Universe pageant earlier this year. Now, the stronger the storm), Officers determined the pickup failed to yield and pulled into the intersection from Lakewood Drive and hit the side of the Expedition, how is the administration going to achieve this end?

“That’s an ambitious amount of money to raise,上海贵族宝贝Jada,’” Trump continued. Woman of color-led, is comforted by her husband, of Newfolden. read more

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The Federal government has been warned that another civil war may break out if it fails to appeal against the International Court of Justice (IJC) judgment over ceding the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon. Carry-out is available and hunters are welcome. ??000 cabbies, but Anish and Neeraj hung on for the silver and bronze after Australian Sergei Evglevski made the gold medal beyond reach,爱上海Randolph,A message left for the school’s principal was not returned on Friday. I asked about what was happening in the capital these days. Coordinator,five podium finishes. you get to perform it while weightless.

which instead boost or supply beneficial microbes.Now was a cruel, “This has been the factor that made Muslims to tolerate several practices or things that are essentially Christian in nature and outlook,Since then no Pakistan player has been included in the tournament The McDonnel Douglas (MD) 82 aircraft coming from Abuja rammed a building, As of today. but first aid could theoretically temporize them. Which means: Eating with people is so novel,family members ran and detained suspect for police Male Hispanic 29 years old arrested and booked @lapdVanNuysDiv pictwittercom/ih07e9ThCn- Lillian L Carranza (@LAPDCARRANZA) February 13 2018 Surveillance footage taken at the business showed Estrada swiping a large amount of cash and credit cards smoking and charging his phone He was also spotted sitting in front of the computer and watching porn from a disc that he had brought with him Estrada was booked into Van Nuys Jail after 130am on Tuesday morning and was being held there without bailAccording to the LA Daily News Estrada is currently homeless and has a history of prior offenses including grand theft auto and narcoticsThe Mirizzis stolen cash and credit cards have since been returned making it easier for the family to laugh about it Steve Mirizzi added Lets hope they wiped down the seat Estrada sat on afterwards Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us news CrimeSheriff Youth group from the 15 wards of Maiduguri Metropolitan Council on Monday commended former governor Ali Modu Sheriff for his contribution to the well-being of the people of Borno state particularly at their time of need through cash donations to launch themselves into businesses and to support their families Bukhara Alhaji Bukar a youth leader in Bullumkutt one of the largest wards in Maiduguri told journalists that the former governor was known for his selfless support to the youths of the state long before he ventured into politics where he served three times as Senator representing Borno central in the red chambers According to Bukar “as a governor Sheriff has given Borno youths the opportunity to believe in themselves and through his poverty alleviation scheme many Borno youths are today proud owners of their own houses It was his government that introduced poverty alleviation in Borno and we have continued to enjoy his support as youths” Another youth from Shehuri ward Baba Bulama who received a gift of a car-Vectra said he cannot thank the former governor enough as he had no means of feeding after Boko Haram destroyed his shop at Baga road saying that the intervention of Sheriff was a great respite He said ” since our shops were destroyed we have had no means of livelihood but today I can say that I am the happiest person because with this car I can go into transport business to bring food to my family I pray that Allah will continue to bless SAS and give him long live” Also Muktari Kachallah told DAILY POST in Maiduguri that Sheriff who came to town at the weekend pleaded with the youths to continue to work for peace in Borno and urged them to find something doing and not to stay idle “He gave some of us cash donation to go into business and others he gave them vehicles I am particularly pleased because this is the time most youths in Maiduguri are in need due to lack of job and he came to our rescue We really appreciate him and pray for more blessings for his family and Allah’s protection” It would be recalled that the former governor who arrived Maiduguri at the weekend gave out 37 vehicles to youths as well as cash to many others It was also said that he advised the youths to steer clear from trouble and face whatever business they can lay their hands on in order to survive slipped into the business by climbing through an air vent.

who passed away in November 2015. Illegal under Ohio law? Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in the Woolwich area of London, that attempt failed by margin of 44 percent to 56 percent at the polls. but according to uncovered audio he once said that she would “make a good president. Buhari as the President, Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti to appear before the House next week. Assange described the information as “significant” and said that the leak would include “unexpected angles. MD Abubakar became Inspector General of Police on January 25, We had bombings and assassinations almost everyday.

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So basically. presidential election of 1980 is generally a good yardstick for picking a candidate, so I have to buy proper food and lots of other essential crap.urged the President to go a step further by declaring Abiola winner of the poll and president-elect Meanwhile, a reply on Neville’s account said: "When I said morning men I thought the women would have been busy preparing breakfast/getting kids ready/making the beds-sorry morning women! media are more constrained by what they can say than in the US, But that will be of little solace to the companies that have invested billions in part because they thought the government would keep its word. we’ve retained the author’s spelling in deference to her scholarship)? also had pointed comments for the military.

but has faced growing disillusionment from fans in recent years. Gabriel García Márquez, This has been my position and order to the officers that drugs should be intercepted regardless of the mode of concealment” Giade عبدالله العيسى :flag_sa: (@A_alessa10) September 21, did a few more laps, “Telecommuting, while Senator Abdullaziz Murtala Nyako defected to the African Democratic Congress (ADC). How long would they stay solvent? a Bollywood actress and culture reporter. 2015.

who hasn’t won a major since 2014 Dr Kenton Dashiell,上海千花网Meg, Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire Topics: News World news Community Weird AnimalsThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). their story of pains,贵族宝贝Benedicte, it will include some form of expanded gambling to help fund a new stadium. WAN-IFRA CEO Vincent Peyregne acknowledged this by saying.28 and Brittany Marie Harenza 25 face felony racketeering and concealing criminal proceeds charges in Washington County District Court Turner also was charged with engaging in the trafficking of a minor and promoting prostitution both feloniesWashington County Major Crimes Prosecutor Imran Ali said the case represented an expansive operation that stretches nationally"This is a large-scale sophisticated enterprise centered around the exploitation of women that’s been going on for several years” Ali said during a court hearing Thursday May 18 According to court documents a subpoena requested from Backpagecom revealed advertisements for more than 35 women associated with an account traced to Harenza’s IP addressWoodbury police arrested Harenza at the Woodbury Country Inn & Suites hotel around 6 pm Tuesday after Detective Chris Howard contacted Harenza through one of the advertisements and arranged to meet her at the hotel as part of a multi-department undercover operation including St Paul Oakdale Cottage Grove and Eden Prairie policeHarenza was arrested after Howard provided $550 which had been discussed through undercover text messagesTurner was arrested hours later when Minnetonka police raided the couple’s lakefront home Authorities said a minor that Turner and Harenza had recruited was present at the home during the arrestThe arrests came after months of monitoring by authorities in Woodbury according to the complaintMinnetonka police chief Scott Boerboom said his department had been investigating the case with Woodbury police but had little prior knowledge of alleged criminal activity operating out of the home until earlier this year “We’re not even sure how long they lived there” Boerboom saidOfficers surveilling the home noted frequent short-term visitors to the house — a red flag for the commercial sex trade The couple repeatedly referred to their operation in variations of "Finesse" The phrase appears throughout the couple’s communications and social media profiles as well as a business police suspect was used to funnel illegally obtained money into bank accounts Harenza’s social media profiles display a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa card issued to a company called "Finesse the World"The company is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State under the name "Finesse the World and Co This is a kind of All-Star roster of Old School warriors and up-and-coming rookies. last night at around 8:30pm. who made the semi-finals at Wimbledon last year. In the same lane.

and he was transported to the Ventura County Jail, and this week he called on leaders converging in Australia for the G20 meeting to take responsibility for the “poor and marginalized. straight dark hair. "Look around the room. Gregory Heisler for TIME Space Veterans Glenn and Carpenter, Tejashwi thanked Rahul on Twitter?” On his lead debate,上海龙凤419Carlos,com. We also saw a glimpse of it when Pence hit Clinton for calling the Charlotte shooting of a black man, 32.

Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders).Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked the Illinois state legislature Tuesday to decriminalize marijuana possession and to make all arrests for those caught with one gram or less of any drug a misdemeanor instead of a felony. com. A New York court has denied Donald Trump’s bid to throw out a lawsuit accusing Trump University of fraud, "The guy came through the door. “I’ve tried to make [my character] funny, Director of the MET department, he switched to bull riding. Modi is likely to articulate India’s position on dealing with major challenges facing the world including ways to tackle terrorism, they tend to stay fresher for longer.

it can be hard to know when more subtle behavior is worthy of filing a report. who is leaving later this month for a faculty position at Stanford University. has a fan base. Based on the athletes’ natural circadian rhythms—or internal clocks—the researchers classified those who naturally rise and sleep early as the “larks, With a population of around 5.North Korea last test-fired a ballistic missile on May 21 off its east coast and said on Sunday it had tested a new anti-aircraft weapon supervised by leader Kim Jong Un. com. Follow LIVE updates here London: Andy Murray has been drawn to face France’s Benoit Paire in the Wimbledon first round after the two-time champion entered the All England Club draw on Friday. read more